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Easily returning your goods

Returning your package.

The dimensions of the product are different.

In this case you can, of course, exchange the product immediately for free. If the size of the product's dimensions aren't correct please let us know, we will contact the brand to make it no longer happen to others. You have to think that some products / materials are more elastic than others and that the size chart is about inner sizes, so always take a few extra cm, otherwise you will have a very tight T-shirt ^ *

I received a wrong product.

We try our best to make every order as good as possible, but unfortunately sometimes it goes wrong. In this case, we ask that you contact our customer service. We will then ensure that the right product is delivered as quickly as possible free of charge of course and we will make it up to you some wayC:

The product does not fit me.

No problem you can always refund your items! Attention: Make sure you know that you want to trade the product within 14 days of receiving the product. After 14 days you can not refund anymore.

The product is okay but I want to trade.

Of course, you can simply send the item to the post and send it to us, make sure it is in the same condition as it was shipped (unsupported, unwashed, labels, etc.) Please note: Please let me know within 14 days You want to refund the product. After 14 days you can not refund anymore. It's always nice if we know in advance if you want to send something back, so we ask you to send an email to info@thefashop.com, also put your ordernumber on it so we know from who the package is!

I regret my order.

Actually the same story as above, this is not a problem. You can return within 14 days of ordering the product without any reason. Then get your money back on the same day when we get it, please note that this depends on which bank you use, if you use Pay-Pal however you will get a refund immediately!

What costs should I pay when returning?

If you want to return something to us it is free of charge, if you have chosen the bank transfer option however, unfortunately, the return costs are for your account.

Where should I send the package?

If you send or pass the return package to our address, everything is fine and you do not have to do anything, just keep an eye on your bank account ^^ Please note that we must have the order number to determine from who the return shipment is!

If you are from poland please check this text:

Twoja paczka może zostać zwrócona w ciągu 2 tygodni od dostawy. Koszty zwrotu są bezpłatne, jeśli zapłaciłeś przez PayPal, jeśli zapłaciłeś gotówką, będziesz odpowiedzialny. Zwrócone elementy muszą znajdować się w tym samym stanie, w jakim zostały dostarczone z dołączonymi znacznikami.

If you are from the Czech republik please check this text:

Balíček lze vrátit do 2 týdnů po dodání. Náklady na vrácení jsou bezplatné, pokud jste zaplatili službou PayPal, pokud jste zaplatili hotovost, kterou budete zodpovědný. Vrácené položky musí být ve stejném stavu jako ty, které jste dostali s přiloženými tagy.

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