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There are many beautiful and awesome shoes in your wardrobe. But do you also have some comfortable, rough pair that you take for a long walk in the woods for instance, that you can wear on almost all occasions in the city, disco, woods or just at home? Ankle boots are ideal for these jobs! The semi-high ankle boots provide a great wearing experience with hard soles and firm materials, it provides great support when you will be hiking around anywhere in the world!

They are ideal to walk in in the snow, mud and shallow water. Besides the great comfort that boots provide it is also a great fashionable item that will boost your complete outfit! They are a great all around shoe that you can wear under jeans, pants, shorts and some sweatpants! The most hottest boots at the moment are Bustagrip, K1X, Nike and Urban Classics. The original boots were all leather as time came along different materials were used to make a great variety of them, these days they come in all shapes and sizes with Bustagrip bringing it to an all new level with many colorful boots they are crafting!

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